Motherhood Lessons for Fathers

Being a parent for the the past 13 years has been pure joy…and pain…and happiness…and sadness…and wonderment…and confusion…but all love.  There is not one day that I could honest say I would trade for another.


A few days ago, I made my daily visit to The Gospel Coalition website and was fortunate enough to come across a recent post by Mrs. Christina Fox.  Reading this post was such a blessing to me. Although it is written primarily for women, I have no doubts that we men can learn something from it as well.

Here’s an excerpt of her post on The Gospel Coalition website.

I remember sitting in a “Mommy and Me” class with my child, then 1 year old. All the other moms talked about the cute things their child had been doing. They chatted about the latest sale at their favored clothing store. They shared all the fun activities they had enjoyed and places they had visited with their children. Dressed nicely with makeup on and their hair styled, these moms seemed all too perfect.

And then there was me.

I sat there listening to their conversation but never said a thing. What could I contribute? After all, my child seemed to have an allergy to sleeping, he never sat still, and I was too miserable to notice anything cute he might have done. I couldn’t remember the last time I wore makeup, and it’s quite possible I wore the same shirt two days in a row. And they certainly wouldn’t care to hear that I spent most days crying because I was so exhausted from following after a child turned energizer bunny…

…But when I turn away from looking at other people’s lives and look to Christ, I find that I am just where I need to be. Jesus said he didn’t come to save those whose lives are perfect, but those whose lives are a mess. He came for sinners, for those who know things aren’t as they should be. These were the people he dined with, healed, and walked among. He met them right where they were, messes and all.

Here is the article in its entirety: Motherhood For The Rest Of Us. Enjoy…and take an opportunity to look at her blog.

Grace and Peace,


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