Are They Talking About You As Well?

I look at the The Gospel Coalition (TGC) website every morning. For the past year or so, the TCG site has been for me, what CNN or Fox news is for others. It’s the site that I sit and read while I have my morning coffee and bagel. I have found numerous articles that have educated, encouraged, and enlightened me to ideas and topics to which I was not familiar.

There was one day in particular, that when I went to open the web page for my morning reading, I saw the post for the below video. I couldn’t wait to watch it. I saw three biblically faithful men having a round table discussion about people like me. The new preacher. The young preacher. The preacher who can count on one hand the number of sermons he has delivered. The preacher who wants to absolutely nail ever sermon he delivers straight out the gate. The preacher who so desperately wants to be faithful to God and fears compromising the text.

If you are like me, and you are new to preaching – or – maybe you’ve been preaching for a while, but need some pointers – I pray that this video is helpful. In my walk as a young preacher, I am always looking for advice and encouragement. I have been blessed to find that encouragement primarily in my Pastor and my church family. I have also found a decent amount here in this video. Especially the gallery metaphor that Pastor Tullian brought up. Enjoy!

The participants are:
Russel Moore
Voddie Baucham


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