The Doctrines of Grace

“…the center of God’s will is the safest place in the world…”

-John Piper

7:06. That is the length of this video. That is how long John Piper will take to introduce to some, and reemphasize with others, why “the doctrines of God’s grace has been [his] life…”.

I have a deep and sincere appreciation for the Doctrines of Grace. In them, I am able to see the magnitude of who God is and the sovereignty that God claims. A magnitude that is unmatched by anyone and a sovereignty that He is duly owed. The Doctrines of Grace have shown me how utterly dependant I am on God and I am thankful for it. How can the creation be or do anything without the Creator? What is the use of a product without a Producer?

I don’t say these things to degrade our worth, but so that we look to the one who defines our worth, in Himself.

I enjoy this video not for the speaker, although I do enjoy John Piper’s ministry; but, I enjoy this video because of whom the speaker is speaking – God. The Holy, Sovereign, and Majestic One. Perfect in all His ways. Righteous in all He does.


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