My Friday Favorites – 14 Feb 14

These are videos and articles I enjoyed this week. The list is nowhere near all inclusive as I am sure I missed some.

1. Desiring God: New Messages on Union with Christ – I am excited about this one. These messages are from the most recent Desiring God conference for Pastors. As noted in the article, “all the media from the conference is now available for unlimited streaming and download, all free of charge.” Winning!

2. 10 Bad Reasons to be a PastorDave Bruskas: I’ve always appreciated the folks at Resurgence and their efforts to present useful information to those currently in ministry and those seeking to serve in ministry. Great article…I understand reason #6 is a sore spot for many Pastors – rightfully so.

3. I Can’t With “I Can’t Even” Anymore – Devin Largent: Read this! Devin did a great job on this post! It’s a funny look at slang vs articulated thoughts. I truly enjoyed this one.

4. Fatherless Daughters and Wayward Desires: Black Women As Portrayed by the Alluring and Maddening Olivia Pope – Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile: Whew! Y’all Scandal fans might be a bit upset with this one! But, give it a chance. Pastor Thabiti doesn’t put out nonsense. His work is thoughtful, engaging, and honest.

5. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Son to Use PornographyRick Thomas: Although this article mentions “your son”, the principles are applicable to daughters as well. This is a good article about how parents play a role in preventing pornography in the lives of their children

6. 7 Signs You’re Reading A Book By A Prosperity PreacherAaron Armstrong: Humorous article about how to recognize when the book you’re reading was written by a prosperity preacher. Don’t be caught off guard anymore!

7. And finally…this video is just too cute to miss…and it’s apparently causing quite a stir with atheists. They’ll be alright. 😉 Living in Maryland and have received so much snow recently, I can definitely relate to lil’ man. Enjoy the laugh and enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Bonus: Ligonier Ministries $5 Fridays – This link is always on my “Friday Favorites” post. The offers change weekly. Definitely a good way to build up your library.

What have you read this week that particularly caught your eye? Share it below. 


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