Oh, the Humanity!


I’ve been watching The Walking Dead since the second season. Admittedly, I didn’t really catch onto it until then because I thought it was just another zombie movie. I’m not really into zombie movies. In my mind, they are all pretty much the same movie re-wrapped in a different package.

Dead bodies have somehow been reanimated and they have to be destroyed in order to save mankind. Eventually, all the zombies are killed. However, unbeknownst to the survivors, one of them was bitten…or scratched…or something. So now, he/she is infected, and when they turn, it’s going to start all over again. Roll credits. Movie over.

But, as I heard more people talk about it and read various reviews of the show, I gave it a shot. And man…I haven’t turned back since.

The show is truly good. It’s not the same old storyline. There is even character development. Personally, what I’ve come to like about the show is the fact that it’s not just week after week after week of killing (or deanimating?) zombies. Every scene isn’t filled with pointless dialog and incessant complaining about how they are going to survive. There is heart to the show. There is sincerity. There is meaning in the lives of the survivors and for 60 minutes, you are drawn into their world. When I’m asked why I watch it, I can’t give any other reason than the humanity that the show projects.

In the show, there is a group – sometimes multiple groups – of people whom are bound together through suffering and loss and displacement, in a world that has obviously gone wrong, and all they have left is their humanity and the constant struggle to maintain it. Week after week we see people who, in the midst of catastrophe and ruin, are trying to rebuild their world with what little bit of life they still have in them, in efforts to make their day to day existence some kind of semblance of what they have all lost. In a show that is heavy on death, it life is what keeps it going.

That is why I was excited to come across the writings of Pastor David Dunham of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Detroit. He is also a fan of The Walking Dead, and with a biblical lens, he writes about the show and how we as believers can see a part of ourselves in their daily struggles. His articles are truly thought provoking and, in my opinion, capture a significant amount of what I like about the show – the humanity.

His articles are located here on the Christ and Pop Culture website. Take some time and read a few of his articles. If you’re a fan of the show, I think you’ll enjoy what you read. If you’re not a fan, maybe this will be your gateway into looking further into the show.

If you like what you’ve read, he usually blogs here. Enjoy.

Grace and Peace.


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