Weekend Reading #2 – 5/23/14

Here are some articles I’ve enjoyed over the past week or so. Maybe you’ll enjoy them as well.

1. Jon Bloom – Ten Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of the Bible

To be honest, I have never thought about memorizing large portions of the Bible. I’ve heard it done, but only by Pastors/Elders. Not to say that no one else was memorizing “big chunks”, I just had not seen it. This article is encouraging as to why it’s important.

2. David Mathis – Kindle the Fire in Corporate Worship

Phenomenal perspective on the importance of corporate worship. Read this article more than once.

3. Dave Dunham – Ask Pastor Dave: Which Translation of the Bible Should I Use?

Pastor Dave provides a new and refreshing answer to a common question. He goes quite in depth with this response and it is good. I especially appreciate the focus on choosing a Bible from a ministerial perspective.

4. Dave Bruskas – 3 Ways A Man Should Lead His Home

It is important for men to lead their families. The Resurgence has been consistent in their encouragement on how to do so. I enjoy reading articles like this because they give me new ideas on how I can go about leading my family. This information never gets old.

5. Trevin Wax – 5 Things Romanian Believers Taught Me About Prayer

I have been blessed to witness this first hand. For three consecutive summers (many years ago), I was fortunate to spend some time in Romania. During my third and final trip, I visited a church and the worship was wonderful! Even though the singing was in Romanian and I couldn’t understand it,  my emotions ran high that day.

6. H.B. Charles Jr. – Building An Preacher’s Library

As a young minister, I try to read plenty of articles that offer advice and recommendations on preaching and being a preacher. Granted, not everything written is worth taking in. But, there are some Pastor’s who cannot and should not be ignored – Pastor Charles is one of them.

7. *Cult of Android – Pushbullet Now Mirrors Notifications Across All Your Androids

*I am not a “tech head” by any means, but lately I have been looking into new ideas of integrating my phone/tablet into my life in more ways than just playing games and surfing the internet and reading. Basically, I’m looking to be more productive. Every now and then, I will add an link or two to these posts showcasing an article I found to be interesting. Although I use (and prefer) Android to iOS, I will include iOS article here and there. 😉

What have you read this week that sparked your interest?


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