“Borrowed Light” by Mike Leake

Today’s “Follow Friday” blog recommendation is “Borrowed Light” ran by Mike Leake. I first came across Mike from the “Pray For Your (Insert Person)” initiatives that he’s facilitated over the past few months. So far, there has been:

  1. Pray For Your Sons
  2. Pray For Your Daughters
  3. Pray For Your Wife

I was blessed to participate #2 and #3. What a time it was! Each session I participated in had more than 500 people standing in agreement with each other. From what I understand, the FB pages are still running. Feel free to pop over and take a look. They are by request only, so access will not be immediate.

I don’t know Mike personally, but from reading his articles and following him on twitter, it’s obvious this brother has a love of God and a heart for His people. He and I have interacted a small amount via email and twitter – he allowed me to write a few devotionals for the “Pray For Your Daughters” initiative – and the brother is gracious and humble.

The below articles are a few that I’ve enjoyed in my time reading “Borrowed Light”. These articles are no way exclusive of the great writing he does on a daily basis, but there are just a few I’d like to point out:

  1. Revival and SBC Decline
  2. Will You Arc With Me?
  3. How YouTube Helps With Our Family Worship
  4. 4 Reasons I Still Prefer Books Over EBooks and A Note to Blogger Review Programs

Take some time this weekend to look through “Borrowed Light”. I’m sure you’ll find many things you like and are likely to recommend to others.

Grace and Peace.


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