With A Cup of Coffee…

Below is some content I’ve enjoyed over the past week or so. Maybe you’ll enjoy them as well.

1.“The Slender Man Made Me Do It”: Compelled to Violence by an Internet Myth by S.D. Kelly

This is extremely disturbing. The idea that a make believe figure on the internet has captivated the minds of young people in such a way that they commit such hideous crimes to “please” him. This is just another reason that parents MUST be involved in monitoring their childrens entertainment habits.

2. 12 Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ by John Piper

This article is a transcript from the Ask Pastor John podcast. Great content here. All 12 questions are applicable in all forms of entertainment. All 12 questions convicted me.

3. on daughters and dating: how to intimidate suitors by Jen Wilkins

Great article from Jen. I, too, found the “Application to Date My Daughter” funny…I still do, if I’m honest. However, I truly appreciate Jen’s exhortation to protect our daughters in a more secure and Godly way.

4. LOL Interwebz: Six Things You Can Stop Telling People to Stop Posting on Social Media by Luke T. Harrington

This is just funny…and so relevant. Admittedly, I thought some of the same thoughts mentioned here.

5. The Briefing – 06/20/2014 by Al Mohler

I’ve recently started listening to Al Mohler’s podcast. This particular broadcast is on the recent decision by the PCUSA to recognize same-sex marriage and a forthcoming movie called “Obvious Child”, Hollywood’s bold attempt to normalize and downplay the seriousness of abortion. Regardless of where you stand on either issue, take about 15 – 20 minutes to listen to this podcast.

6. What If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

I thought this was just cool.

7. “The Friendly Church”

On 7 Jun 14, my church took part in “Crossover Baltimore”. It was an outreach event that Southern Baptist Convention churches across Baltimore, MD participated in the weekend before the start of the SBC Annual Meeting 2014, which also took place here in Baltimore. My church held a cookout for the neighborhood. This is a short video done by the Baptist Press on our event.


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