With A Cup of Coffee

As you sit down with your coffee this morning, enjoy some of these articles that I’ve enjoyed over the past few days.

1. Primer on Reading the Bible by John Hughes

There is a lot of advice out there about how to read the Bible. As with any advice, some is good and some is bad. I love these pointers because each one is rooted in dependance on God for understanding of His scripture.

2. This is your brain on mobile by Jeremy Vandehey

This is just an interesting article. Please be aware, there is a curse word or two at the end of the article. In general, the author brings some good points and recommendations on how to unplug.

3. FBI rescues 168 child prostitutes, nabs 281 pimps, in weeklong sting by Peter Weber

I am always, ALWAYS, happy when I read articles like this. Granted, there are still hundreds, if not thousands of people (children specifically) whom are still caught up in this way of life. However, this article tells me that there are 168 children that are no longer enslaved to 281 pimps and this life. And those 281 pimps are no longer on the street. Please continue to pray for, not only these recently rescued children, but also those whom have not been rescued. Also, pray for the repentance of, not only the 281 people just arrested, but also for those still enforcing this life on others – adults and children alike.

4. Hey, remember that time Google accidentally made Skynet? by Bryan Bishop

This is a amusing article, albeit a bit disconcerting. The imagery and comparisons used by the author in telling the story are a bit too realistic for comfort. The author places the creation and advancement of the Google operating system, i.e. Android, in the context of “The Terminator” plot. Quite an interesting twist to this technology.

5. “5 Ways To Fight Temptation” – I’ve always enjoyed the videos that Joe (@whatisjoedoing) released. I think this brother has a gift to relate biblical truths to a young generation in a manner which is easily accessible and understandable.


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