Do You Journal?


I’ve been using a journal for the better part of a year, and to be honest – it’s been extremely rewarding. I love the idea that I can pick up my notebook or my tablet and read what has happened over the past few months of my life. Many things that have happened to me – good and bad – are all recorded. I say many things because, admittedly, I do not journal every night as I should – but I’s happy to say that I am more consistent than not.

Journaling is deliberate. I am consciously setting aside a portion of my day, either by placing the time on my calendar or on my todo list, in order to have a meaningful review of what took place that day, and record those events. When you think about it, it’s really my opportunity to take a snapshot of time. Later, in a few months or even years, when I pick up a certain journal,  I can do some self-assessment and see if I’m growing and maturing from past events and decisions. And most importantly, I can asses my growth and maturity in my relationship with Christ.

In my home, my girls have also taken up the habit of journaling. Both of my daughters have their own respective journals, and my bride shares a journal with our youngest daughter. This journal is an outlet for our youngest daughter to have a platform to share things in writing, that she is not comfortable sharing verbally. This medium has worked well for her.

I’ve covered a variety of topics in my journaling. Everything from challenges at work to vacations with the family. I written about disagreements with my bride to Saturday morning breakfast with her. I’ve written about my failures in sin and my triumphs in Christ. Seriously – I think I’ve run the gamut of topics to jot down in my journal…and it never gets old to me. I really do enjoy putting my thoughts down via paper or electronic.

For a few months, I used a moleskine type notebook as a journal. It came in handy…it was useful, and truth be told – that is my preferred method to record my thoughts. But, lately I have been using an app on my phone, and surprisingly – it’s been working out pretty good. (Maybe I’ll write a short review of it later.) The point being – since my smartphone is 99% of the time within arms reach, I really have no excuse for not taking down a note or two about my day.

I think, for some reason, journaling has never really been seen as “manly”. Growing up, it was always the girls that had a “diary” – never the “tough guys”. But, it was always the “tough guys” that wanted to know the what the girls were putting in those diary’s. It’s unfortunate that some people do not realize the many advantages of maintaining a journal until later in life – as I later discovered.

However, I’ve been encouraged by a few of the articles that I have come across over the past few weeks regarding journaling – I have posted two of my favorites below. The authors of the below articles provide good encouragement about the practicality of journaling and some f the subsequent benefits. I won’t repeat the reasons as stated in these articles, but I encourage you to take some time to read through them. Prayerfully, you will see how journaling can be a blessing to you many times over.

Are you already maintaining a journal? How is it working out for you? If not, what are your thoughts about starting one?

Grace and Peace,

Why Do You Journal?
7 Reasons to Keep A Journal



2 thoughts on “Do You Journal?”

  1. This has also been successful for me. I should do it more often because like you said with smartphones there is no excuse. Thanks for the reminder! I’m getting back on it today.

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