With Your Morning Cup of Coffee

As you sit down with your coffee this morning, enjoy some of these articles that I’ve enjoyed over the past few days.

1. If Jesus Walked Into A Bar, Would Everyone Know His Name? – Mike Leake.

Was Jesus really “buddy buddy” with sinners? Was He truly the “high-fiving” type that He is sometimes portrayed to be? Mike takes a quick look at this portrait of Jesus and sets the record straight.

2. Walking with the Dead: The Character-Shaping Power of Community – Dave Dunham

Well, a new season of “The Walking Dead” has started. So, that means Pastor Dave is back to analyzing each Sunday night episode from a biblical worldview. And as with previous posts from previous seasons, he doesn’t disappoint.

3. New Study Says We Pick Up Our Smartphones 1,500 Times a Week, Stare at Them 3 Hours a Day – Daniel Beam

I thought this article was interesting. I haven’t looked at the other article linked within this one, but the sheer numbers alone are pretty amazing. He even speaks a little about the next upcoming mobile devices – smart watches. (Personally, I’m not seeing the appeal right now.)

4. Where My 90 Hours of Mobile Phone Screen Time In September Went – Bob Stanke

Bob read the above article and tried the test on himself. Pretty interesting results.

5. Busting a book buying myth – Ian Carmichael

I want to show my bride this article. I think it justifies my constant purchasing of books!

6. Three Things Little Girls Need From Their Fathers – Joyce McFadden

I love when articles like this are written by women. Although I’ve read some good articles written by men on the same topic, I honestly don’t think that we can do the subject justice like a woman. This is literally first-hand knowledge.

7. 10 Things You Need to Know About the Bible and Slavery – Graham Veale

I notice that when we think of slavery and the bible, it is usually in the context race and what took place in the United States. This article sheds some light on the biblical history of slavery. Enlightening.

What good articles have you read over the past few days?

Grace and Peace,


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