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I have been the husband of one woman for 15 years. She is such a blessing and I sometimes find it hard to understand how she continues to “endure me”. She is an example of how God gives me grace each day. We have two girls, ages 15 and 11, with whom I am absolutely in love. They are so much fun and their personalities are so different from each other.

I am currently serving my 18th year in the US Army. It has been a ride that has taken my family and I across countries and continents and we have loved it all. Although we weren’t living for Christ the whole time, He certainly was there every step of the way. I enjoy fitness (running and working out)…those interests could very well be a byproduct of my Army life. I absolutely LOVE to read (maybe I will post my current reading list in a future post).

And most importantly, I am a worshiper of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He has changed my life in such dramatic ways…I literally thank Him everyday for where He has brought me from and where He is taking me to. All Glory, honor, and praise is His. I am blessed to serve as a Lay-Elder at First Baptist Church of Brooklyn located in Baltimore, Maryland where my good friend and brother Ronjour Locke serves as Pastor.

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree (BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in English and Social Sciences) from Liberty University. I am still praying on where I am going to attend seminary.

My intent through this blog is to share my love for God and the things of God. My prayer for this page is a short list:

1. To glorify God.
2. To edify His people.
3. To educate those who don’t know.
4. To evangelize those who do not believe.

I thank you in advance for making your way here and taking the time to look through my page. I pray that, through me, God will show you something you have never seen before or remind you of something you may have forgotten. God willing, I will be consistent in my posting as the Holy Spirit leads.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a writer…not by any means. To be frank, this is my third attempt at maintaining a blog. As many people say, “third time’s the charm”? I just enjoy communicating with people – verbal and/or written communication is a joy. Hopefully, that joy will be reflected in this page.

Please check back periodically as I continue to update this portion of my page.

Grace and Peace,


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