Book Reviews

1. The Good Life by Trip Lee.
I actually read this book a while back. I am just now getting to writing a review on it. My lateness in no way reflects the quality of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the review.

2. Illusions, Dystopia, and Monsters by K. Heartsong.
I requested this book from the publisher after they posted an advertisement for reviews. The book wasn’t really up my alley, but I am sure some would enjoy it.

3. G.O.S.P.E.L. by D.A. Horton.
I enjoyed this book. There is no doubt that D.A. Horton has a love for God’s people and it is thoroughly expressed in this book. I am truly appreciative of his efforts in educating people about what the gospel is and how to present it in an urban context.

4. “The Dude’s Guide to Manhood” by Darren Patrick.
As implied by the title, this book is for a dude. A believing dude and a non-believers dude. Both will greatly benefit from it. Pastor Darren has written a book that cuts to the heart of what is means to be a man after God, without being preachy to the reader.


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