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“The Art of Joy” – Jackie Hill Perry

Dropping tomorrow on Humble Beast Records.

It’s free.

Get it.

This album is going to be a problem.

“The Solution” – Jackie Hill Perry w/ Eshon Burgundy



Here’s a little something to get you over your mid-week slump…

Lecrae’s new single dropped yesterday at 1:16pm EST. (Notice the “116” reference?) It’s a banger, too. In the past, Reach Records didn’t normally release a video along with a single. I think the first time I noticed it was with Tedashii’s first single “Dark Days, Darker Nights f/ Britt Nicole” from his new album, “Below Paradise”. (If I’m wrong, let me know in the comments below.) Now they’ve done the same with this new single from Lecrae.

Maybe this will be a new recipe for Reach – new single = new video. I know the fans won’t be upset about it. Granted, neither Lecrae nor his label mates are in the video, but you have to admit that it’s better than just staring at an album cover for five minutes!

This track is from Lecrae’s upcoming album, “Anomaly”, scheduled to be released in August. The song is produced by Gawvi, the new(est) producer signed to Reach. He’s a beast of a producer! He’s produced for many artists – a few include Rhema Soul, Trip Lee, Social Club, and more specifically, possibly my favorite Andy Mineo track from “Heroes For Sale” – “You Will”.

Check out Lecrae’s new single below.


Are you a fan of Reach Records? What do you think of this new one from Lecrae?