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The Porn Epidemic: 3 Reasons Why You Should Wave Goodbye to Porn

Great post from Mandy Dobbelman on the harmful effects of pornography.

As pornography becomes easier and easier to access, and standards of public television continue to drop, topics such as this can never be addressed too much. Pornography and it’s various the “gateways” (sexually explicit television, movies, and videos, novels, etc.) are ruining people and families.

Praise God for a sister who is using her voice to assist in exposing this evil. Not only does she address the problem, she is also provides supporting facts and statistics to back up her claims. This article is good and must be read by men and women alike.

Forte E Bello

We live in a day and age when pornography is both more widely accessible and  more widely accepted than ever before in history . The invention and ensuing commercialization of the internet nearly twenty years ago has brought with it one of the most wide spread and seemingly inconspicuous epidemics that mankind has ever seen. There was a time when you had to virtually climb Mount Everest in order to get your hands on a centerfold or pin-up of a scantily clad woman. Nowadays men and women can simply open up their lap top or turn on their TVs and in seconds have access to thousands of pornographic images and videos of all forms; soft core, hard core, bestiality, child porn, anything that suits their fancy.

Most people assume even today that the primary users of pornography are men but would it surprise you to know that women now represent…

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